London’s Latino Voice for Students and Beyond


 EDDIE  is like you, me, any of us; who are about to or have embarked on the Student Life in this wonderful city that is London. When EDDIE created VIVA COMO EDDIE,  in English (Live Like EDDIE) it was all about introducing the Latin world to London and the Students that come from all over the world and living it in Latino style.  
EDDIE has not only introduced this Latino culture to students that my have never experienced it before, but EDDIE has created the most exciting, energetic student night that London has seen, LA FIESTA. EDDIE created LA FIESTA to make it the home for students that wanted to dance to, sing to and live Reggaeton. LA FIESTA has been the home to hundreds of students from South America and Spain but what has made the journey even more incredible is that Students from many other countries in the world have joined the movement and become die hard LA FIESTA fans. They want to VIVA COMO EDDIE. 
EDDIE will continue to bring people together as EDDIE will be hosting other events to further demonstrate how great the Latino Life really is and show the vast amount of Spanish and Latin American culture that exists in London.
EDDIE will be going to Spanish and Latin American Music, Theatre, Art, Sports, Food, Drink events in London and hosting Wine Tasting, Tequila Tasting, Viewings of Real Madrid & Barcelona, Old Skool Reggaeton Parties and much more…
Be part of the growing movement and #VIVACOMOEDDIE!