London’s Biggest Reggaeton Student Night

If you are interested in meeting people, dancing and listening to good music, sorry, incredible music, then LA FIESTA is where you want to be.

LA FIESTA was created over 3 years ago to bring as many students as possible together, whom shared one particular passion, REGGAETON.
LA FIESTA LDN has been the home, hub and place where people feel comfortable to share their love of dancing to, singing along to and embracing Reggaeton. We have welcomed Students from all backgrounds and given them an opportunity to be part of this exciting movement in London.
When LA FIESTA began, it was a way for Spanish students in London, who studied at different universities, to meet and enjoy a party that made them feel at home. In almost no-time they were joined by their friends, their friends’ friends, etc… becoming the most popular Student Night in London!
The vision is clear. We want to make LA FIESTA the Latina Casa for everyone and anyone in the Student world. We will be making a bigger effort to promote the party to smaller universities and colleges, making it more accessible to students and making the parties more frequent!
This year, we will be organising more themed parties such as El Dia de Los Muertos, inviting more Dance Based societies to perform such as Salsa Societies and will be providing you with monthly mixtapes that will help you get through your workload and get excited for the next FIESTAS.